Episode 2: House Tour!

“Hi and welcome back to the Sims 4 Big Brother Challenge! This is your host Talking Armchair once more, presenting to you…the House.

“This is the dwelling our 8 lucky contestants will be living in for the next 6 weeks.

In the outdoor area we have a fake hot tub and a pool that won’t involve any deaths…

Stepping into the entrance we’ll see the hallway leading off on the left to the living, dining and kitchen areas. On the right it leads to the toilet, bedrooms, and the Challenge Room.

The living room. No TV.

A cosy corner for people to plot.

The kitchen, a place for microwaveable meals and autumn salads. And fires.

The dining area.

Going back to the main entrance and turning right brings us to another area along the hallway where people can plot and discuss strategies.”

A/N: Allowing “plotting” in mind since Sims can’t control themselves and since it makes for more drama 😉

“A tiny outdoor space with a bench in case somebody wants to nap there totally not a hint at all at things to come

Opposite the small enclosed garden we have the toilet!

Another space for people to chat and discuss strategies. Drama please!

The toilet.

And…the Challenge Room! The first challenge of the week is: Painting.

The communal bedroom.

And last but definitely not least, the room for the HoH. Unfortunately due to certain regulations from our executive producers we were unable to procure locks for the HoH room door. Thus it is with great sadness that our HoH cannot be granted sole access to the room due to the absence of locks. As we feel that it is unfair to lock the HoH up for one entire week, we can only make do with allow him/her privileged access for one day, and access to a tablet for that period of time.”

A/N: Doors can’t be locked in the Sims 4…yet. Unfortunately. 😦

A personal bathroom!

So that concludes the House Tour; join us in the next episode where the contestants enter the House, and when the challenge truly starts. Let’s hope all our Sims are ready for the challenge!”

Episode 1: The Contestants

contestants sticky

“Hi and welcome to the first episode of the Sims 4 Big Brother Challenge. My name is Talking Armchair and I will be your host and narrator for this entire challenge. 8 simtastic contestants will live in a house for 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks, one Sim will be crowned the winner and will get to take home 1 million simoleons! And anything they want in the House. The contestants will be observed 24/7, so prepare for drama, scheming, and plenty of motive failures muahaha! So without further ado, let us meet the 8 contestants!”


Frank (1)

“First up, Frank. Tell us about yourself, Frank.”

Frank: My name’s Frank, and I love fashion and art. I work as a designer at a fashion magazine and I enjoy giving and receiving critiques. My favourite hobby is judging pieces of art with a fine glass of wine in my hand.

“So you’re a bit of a snob?”

Frank: I wouldn’t say I’m a bit of a snob, I just have the ability to appreciate the finer things in life.

“Uh-huh. Are you confident of winning this challenge?”

Frank: Of course! Winning is my middle name.

“Frank “Winning” Kane, got it. I love your coat, by the way.”

Frank: Oh thank you, I designed it myself at the world convention for fashion just two years back. Did you know I-

Frank goes on and on. And on.


Sandra (1)

“Hey Sandra, tell us more about yourself.”

Sandra: Well I enjoy exercising and keeping really, really fit! My friends also say I’m rather playful. I also love meeting new people and making new friends.

“Are you confident of winning this challenge? There’s a million simoleons at stake.”

Sandra: Yes, definitely. I may look playful but I can be serious at times! This challenge will be no different. Just you watch.

“We’ll definitely be watching!”

Sandra: Can I ask something?

“Go ahead. But you may not get an answer.”

Sandra: Will there really be cameras everywhere?

“Are you secretly a never-nude?”

Sandra looks flustered.

Sandra: Um no, but I was just wondering, when we, um, pee, will that be recorded and broadcast too?

“Ah silly Sandra! OF COURSEEE.”

Sandra pauses.

Sandra: Was that recorded?

“Of course, Sandra. EVERYTHING is recorded muahahaha”

Sandra simply gulps and suddenly takes a great deal of interest in the wooden floorboard below her feet.


Conrad (1)

“So Conrad, tell us more about yourself.”

Conrad: My name’s Conrad. Conrad Graves. My ambition in life is to be an accomplished chef, a master chef in fact.

“So why did you decide to participate in this challenge?”

Conrad: Well I love challenges, and I’m super confident I’ll ace this one. I also believe I have TV presence.

“TV presence?”

Conrad: Yup, TV presence. This show will be aired on Simnation Television, right?

“Of course, of course!”

Conrad: When I become a master chef I want to have a reality series of my own. I call it, Conrad’s Chef Challenge, where I’ll pit 12 novice chefs against each other, all vying for a spot to be my kitchen scullion muahaha!

“So this show is like a stepping-stone.”

Conrad: That word sounds so dirty! This show isn’t a stepping-stone. It’s my chance to prove myself!

“Alright, good luck.”


Marina (1)

“Marina, tell us more about yourself.”

Marina: Hi my name is Marina and I’m super psyched to be here! I believe I have what it takes to be the winner of this challenge.

“Wow Marina, you do sound awfully ambitious. Are you?”

Marina: You say it like it’s a bad thing, but it’s not. I am ambitious, yes, but my ambition and drive has gotten me pretty far in life.

“How far, exactly?”

Marina: Well I’m a music lecturer at Sunset Valley College and I’m also part of the Symphonic Orchestra. Music is my life, and my drive will get me far in this challenge.

“You sound very confident of winning this challenge.”

Marina: Oh, I will. You’ll see.

Marina flashes an evil-looking smile.


Audrey (1)

“Audrey, tell us more about yourself!”

Audrey: My name’s Audrey and I love painting. I also enjoy visiting art galleries and museums.

“A very learned and cultured individual, I see.”

Audrey: I pride myself in learning and knowing more about art. Currently I’m practising my painting. One day I’ll be a world-famous artist!

“Do you think you have what it takes to win this challenge?”

Audrey: Definitely. Just watch.

“We will!”


Gabriel (1)

“Hey Gabriel! Tell us more about yourself.”

Gabriel: I’m Gabriel and I’m currently studying at Simtechnological University.

“You’re the youngest member in the House. Are you nervous?”

Gabriel: “Well…I don’t think age really matters in this challenge.”

“So what do you think matters?”

Gabriel: Definitely social skills and skills in general, I suppose.

“You seem to like Blicblock a lot.”

Gabriel: Yes I do! I love Blicblock. BLICBLOCK IS LIFE.

Gabriel’s eyes widen.

“You’re aware you can’t play Blicblock right? There’s no computers in the House. Unless you become Head of Household for that week.”

Gabriel: Hmm, it looks like I’ll be winning a lot, then!

“Good luck, Gab!”


Phoebe (1)

“So Phoebe, tell us more about yourself.”

Phoebe: My friends and family all say I’m a social butterfly. I love attending events and parties.

“I read in your bio that you hate children. Is that right?”

Phoebe: Children? CHILDREN?? I HATE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!11

Phoebe is suddenly overwhelmed by an inexplicable rage. A long pause.

“Care to explain?”

Phoebe: It’s an unexplainable feeling. But when I get the answer, I’ll be sure to inform you.

“Right you will. So do you think you have what it takes to win this challenge?”

Phoebe: Of course. I’m going to be super-friendly with everybody and earn their trust and nobody will ever vote me out. You’ll see.

“Phoebe, I didn’t ask for your battle strategy.”

Phoebe: You want to know my strategy? I’ll tell you hehe.

Phoebe leans in conspiratorially but is interrupted quickly.

“Uh-the other contestants have access to this part of the filming. You may want to keep your “strategy” to yourself.”

Phoebe: Fine. Their loss.


Winston (1)

“Hey Winston, tell us more about yourself.”

Winston: I love reading and writing. I’m also an optimist, preferring to look at the glass half-full.

“So are you optimistic about winning this challenge?”

Winston: Yup! I believe my positive attitude can get me very far in this challenge. A positive attitude is the best medicine for life, they say.

“Who’s they?”

Winston: Me!

“Alright we’ll see you soon Winst. So those are our eight contestants for the Sims 4 Big Brother Challenge. Just to recap, we have:

Fashionable Frank, Sporty Sandra, Chef Conrad, Musical Marina, Artistic Audrey, Geeky Gabriel, Party Animal Phoebe, and Writer Winston!

Stay tuned and don’t leave, we’ll be right back after the break where we will introduce the House!”


A/N: I just remembered that Winston is the name of the protagonist in Orwell’s 1984 (!) Realised it when I wanted to name my omniscient narrator Winston. Could have sworn I named him Wilson. Oh well.